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CCW Training Course by Tri-Tactical Training Group

Course exceeds requirements for one to obtain their Ohio Carry Concealed permit. Course is $135.00, in addition to the basic course,  students will be utilizing Simunition pistols for shooting familiarization and will be placed in scenario based exercises, which gives the student a physical and mental understanding of being in a armed conflict.  Students may also rent firearms, $25.00 for the day.  Classroom 6-7 hours with range/Simunitions on average 3 hours.

Parents wishing for their children to attend is encouraged 8-13 free, 14-17 $25, and 18-20 $50 all participants receive a certificate of Participation.

Students wishing to attend and/or with questions please contact Chris May at 419-305-9665.
Cancelations will incur a $40 fee, if the cancelation occurs within two weeks of the class.

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