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The biggest innovation to bandages since adhesion! Easy Access Bandages patented, easy open technology features fast, easy application of bandages with minimal wrapper waste. One handed application is as easy as 1-2-3! Just grip, pull, and stick! Features tough, flexible fabric bandages with a non-stick pad. The superior adhesion is ideal for the demanding conditions outdoor adventurers place on their bandages.

  • Easy Open Technology
    • Patented, easy open technology makes one-handed application fast and easy even with cold hands!
  • Minimal Waste
    • Minimal wrapper waste compared to regular bandages.
  • Won‰۪t Stick To Wound
    • Non-stick pad is easy to remove from wound without damaging healing process.
  • Fits Better
    • Flexible fabric fits better and moves with you.
  • Superior Adhesion
    • Superior adhesiveness stays on even when wet.


  • 20 - Easy Access Bandages, 1" x 3" Fabric
  • 10 - Easy Access Bandages, Junior Fabric
  • 5 - Easy Access Bandages, Knuckle Fabric
  • 5 - Easy Access Bandages, Fingertip Fabric
  • 2 - Easy Access Bandages, Elbow/Knee Fabric
  • 5 - Butterfly Closure Fabric Adhesive Bandage

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