Blue/Red Line Paracord Bracelet

Firestorm Gear


  • 550 Paracord: This survival bracelet can easily be disassembled as rope and used for numerous things, like securing a tent, hanging tools, setting traps, cutting off blood flow for wounds, and anything you can imagine.
  • Available in multiple sizes: This Bracelet fits comfortably on wrist measured 6.5 - 9 inches in circumference. 
  • Perfect for all occasions: Camping, hiking, fishing, on-duty work, lounging at home.
  • Support the Thin Blue / Red Line: Show Police /Firefighter Unity with a practical survival bracelet 

This Survivalist bracelet is perfect for a host of situations from replacing a shoelace to saving someone's limb. Show Police or Fire support while carrying around life-saving rope during emergencies. Extremely practical for officers in the field who need to quickly react to situations. A Paracord Bracelet is recommended to be worn at all times. 

Standard - 8 Inch Wrist, 9 Inch Length
Large - 9 Inch Wrist, 10 inch Length
Small - 7 Inch Wrist, 8 Inch Length
Youth - 6 Inch Wrist, 7 Inch Length


Type: General

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