Field Knife

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When Gaston Glock does something he does it right. This Glock knife is the military issue for the Austrian Armed Forces. Its 7" blade is extremely sharp and is made of high carbon steel... the kind that can easily be sharpened in the field. The handle is made of a high-strength polymer (of course) and the backbone of the blade features a wicked saw-style blade that looks like it will cut through just about anything. If you own a Glock pistol you need to add the Glock Field Knife to your collection.

Glock knives were developed in close cooperation with the special forces of the Austrian Army. To achieve best performance and function, no compromises were made in the design, which is getting more approval with every year of service. The Glock Field Knife is furthermore perfectly balanced for throwing.

Glock Field Knives are best known for their outstanding ruggedness which offer a large range of applications - starting from a "First Aid" knife inside the car window breaker to a bone crushing knife for hunters. The cross bar protects the hand against injuries and can be used as a thumb rest and as a bottle-opener.

In addition to the above, Glock knives are sturdy enough to break windows or ammunition boxes, requirements by Armed Forces among many others. Beside of the Austrian Army these multipurpose knives were adopted and are on duty today at various law enforcement agencies and famous special units all over the world.