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Fix It Sticks All-in-One Torque Driver

Tighten down your scope rings, mounts, actions screws, etc. while in the field, at the range, or at home.  No more over or under tightening your critical components. 

Just turn the drive handle until the hash mark lines us with the torque value you need (from 15 - 65 inch-lbs).


  • Accepts any standard 1/4" bit

  • Fits into any standard 1/4" driver

  • +/- 10% Accuracy

Extended Action Bits

Custom ball end hex bit designed to tighten hard to reach screws.

  • Choose 3/16" for Remington 700, AICS, etc.

  • Choose 5/32" for Ruger 10/22 V-Block, etc.

  • Choose 1/8" for KIDD, etc.

  • Shaft of bit is 0.1875" X 4.0" long¬†for hard to reach screws.

  • Works with any standard 1/4" bit driver


Pin Punch Set

Set of Six Pin Punches designed to integrate with the Fix It Sticks System.

Pin Punches are in the following sizes:

  • 1/16"

  • 3/32"

  • 1/8"

  • 5/32"

  • 3/16"

  • 1/4"

Pin Punches work with any standard 1/4" Driver and are machined from solid bar stock.

Ratcheting T-Way Wrench

Our T-Way Wrench with a ratcheting feature added.

The Ratcheting T-Way Wrench has magnetic holders on all three ends that accept any standard 1/4" bit.  Reversible ratchet allows for quick tightening / loosening, even with limited clearance. 

The Ratcheting T-Way Wrench is a home / shop / auto tool that allows you to build bikes, furniture, motorcycles, etc.


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