FSA Green Silhouette Target



LE Targets

When winning or losing comes down to millimeters, be sure to practice with Champion's professional line of targets. Champion's official law enforcement silhouettes and sight-in targets feature a full line of professional grade targets for serious shooters.

LE B27 Targets

Whether it's qualification for law enforcement officers or personal home defense practice, these new police silhouette targets bring tactical precision to your shooting. Available in either standard paper or with cardboard backing, these new targets feature a high contrast green silhouette, scoring area and LE approved scoring rings. Repair centers are also available to maximize the life of the target.

Features and Benefits

  • High contrast green for instant shot placement recognition
  • Scoring table for keeping track of performance and rounds
  • Available in either standard paper or cardboard backing options
  • Repair center covers previous shots and adds to life of B27 targets

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