Shelby Company

P-51 Can Opener

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he P-51 is the larger version of the P-38 and was often used by mess hall cooks to open the big trays and large cans of chow. The P-51 is a full 2" long. The added length affords more leverage and doesn't require as much thumb pressure to use. Some prefer them over the P-38s because a P-51 will open cans much easier and faster and will last much longer than the P-38.

The hole in the end is used to feed a chain through to hang the P-51 next to a dog tag. The end of the P-51 can also be used to pry open items as well as a makeshift flat screwdriver.

These beauties are American made by the Shelby Company. They are also mil-spec and the same units given to our men and women in uniform.

The price is for 1 opener.