Savvysniper QUAD HD SAW, QD MS- RH

Firestorm Gear


The SAW 1 & 2pt sling was created for our military personnel, who carry the heavy M249 Squad Automatic Weapon "SAW". The Quad was changed in design to incorporate a thicker section of 2' tubular webbing across the top of the sling. The thicker webbing, with a MBS of over 6500lbs, gives some added comfort to the 22lb weapon. We sew in two 16" pieces of bungee, side by side, to add stability to the stretch feature of our sling. This gives the SAW sling 11" of stretch, to permit operators to muzzle strike opposition and add some give to the weight of the weapon while walking. The sling still incorporates the quick adjustment features of the Quad, as well as the ability to convert from two point to single point carry.

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