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Equip your holstered firearm to a variety of tactical gear with the ShapeShift MOLLE Carry Expansion Pack. Carry the way you want to and attach the MOLLE Holster to range bags and gear, vests, backpacks, tactical belts, clothing and more. Compatible with the ShapeShift Modular Holster System, the ShapeShift MOLLE Carry Expansion Pack provides you with everything you need to carry your separately sold Shift Shell in the MOLLE configuration. This MOLLE holster adapter works with any standard or nonstandard PALS webbing, and can fit two to three rows of webbing with Alien Gear Holsters’ patent pending MOLLE locks. MOLLE locks in regular and extended mean the fastest, toolless attachment and removal of the MOLLE Holster; they simply slide on and lock the holster into place. The MOLLE attachment of the holster is two prongs made from premium engineered polymer that effortlessly slide in PALS webbing due to extremely smooth texture. Once attached, the MOLLE holster is secured and will not budge. The premium engineered polymer is also heat resistant, impact resistant, and scratch resistant. This holster is made to weather extreme conditions! With the push of a button, 360 degree rotational cant and quick swapping with compatible holsters is possible. Detach your holstered firearm from the MOLLE Adapter, then quickly reattach it to the ShapeShift Holster Mount. The possibilities are endless! Try the ShapeShift MOLLE Carry Expansion Pack with our 30-Day Test Drive. Alien Gear Holsters designed this product to endure whatever life throws at it, but if anything occurs, enjoy a no-questions-asked Forever Warranty. This expansion pack is proudly made in the U.S.A, by a veteran owned company.



NOTE: This expansion pack is not a full holster; it requires a Shift Shell in order to operate. The ShapeShift Backpack Carry Expansion Pack is the ultimate addition to transform any ShapeShift holster into on-the-go gun security for hunting, hiking or any outdoor activity. The design of the ShapeShift Backpack Carry Expansion Pack works perfectly with backpack straps, and is also compatible with other straps on duffle bags, range bags, and more. This exclusive expansion pack focuses on keeping your firearm tightly secured and conveniently placed –no matter the activity. The tactical clamp wraps around the backpack strap, and locks into place. The tactical clamp is backed with a ridged polymer, which works with the texture of the strap and prevents your holstered firearm from sliding around. Once combined with the Shift Shell, the expansion pack makes a premier holster you can depend on. The separately sold Shift Shell is injection molded with an optimum polymer blend that resists impacts and the elements, and the custom design of the shell allows for adjustable retention. When you holster your firearm, you will hear an audible click as it locks into place. You can also customize your cant in 22° increments for a negative, vertical or standard FBI cant. At the end of the day or with the change of activity, quickly release your Shift Shell configuration with the push of a button, then attach it to the ShapeShift Holster Mount or a variety of other ShapeShift holsters in seconds. This highly versatile expansion pack is backed by an Iron-Clad Forever Warranty and a 30-Day Test Drive. 



Alien Gear Holsters is proud to present the ShapeShift Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack. The ShapeShift Starter Kit, Cloak Mod OWB Holster, and both Double and Single Cloak Mag Carriers are all compatible with the ShapeShift Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack. For those that own a ShapeShift Starter Kit, enjoy cross-compatibility with the simple push of a button between ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster, the ShapeShift Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack and the ShapeShift Holster Mount. Those who have purchased a Shift Shell Kit can also get in on the action. This tactical carry position holds your firearm directly where you hand naturally rests, allowing an exceptionally fast draw. Whether you are hunting, hiking, or shooting at the range, the Drop Leg is a perfect option for any carrier. Looking to carry a few spare rounds? Carry two magazines on either side of your drop leg, with the addition of any compatible holster. For those that need even more options, a Drop Leg can be carried on both legs. This Alien Gear Holsters product is designed to last a lifetime. The ShapeShift Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack is designed with a resilient, flexible polymer that comfortably curves with your leg. Heavy-duty nylon cam webbing drops from your belt to your thigh and is highly adjustable for a perfect fit. No matter how heavy your firearm or magazine, the ShapeShift Drop Leg’s straps are designed to support the full weight of your equipment. The ShapeShift Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack is backed with a Forever Warranty and a 30-Day Test Drive. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, send it back for a hassle-free refund. Alien Gear Holsters proudly makes every holster in America. Step up your game now with the ShapeShift Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack!

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