US Military

U.S. Military Issue Carabiners

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Perfect for attaching keys and gear. For a tree strap system or whatever connection you need. "D" style body moves rope away from gate for security. Great for securing gear while hunting, camping, fishing and hiking. Each holds up to 5,000 lbs., yet is surprisingly lightweight for easy transport.

  • Built to high military standards to stand up to abuse
  • Aluminum alloy body, steel wire spring-loaded gate
  • D-style body with wire gate. Keeps rope away from gate when tightened
  • Spring-loaded wire gate reduces chance of rope pushing gate open
  • Made to secure cargo nets on military trucks
  • Safety load is 5,000 pounds, gate closed
  • Safety load is 2,500 pounds, gate open
  • USA made
  • 10mm aluminum alloy body
  • Steel wire sping-loaded gate
  • Each 4.25" long
  • "D" style body moves rope away from gate